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Ingi is open to meeting new people or groups interested in his work or collaborations within art, design, coaching and Icelandic. Feel free to contact, send him a message with your interest, he looks forward to hear from you. Thank you for your interest.



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Ingi Alfonso Fernandez, is an Icelandic, Spanish multidisciplinary creative artist, designer, higher education instructor and lecturer. Ingi Alfonso received his art education in Iceland through art courses and workshops. He moved to Denmark where he was admitted to The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts at the Department of Sculpture. Where he developed an important part of his artistic expression. Ingi's artworks take form through drawing, painting, etching, photography, sculpture and his newest experiments are related to sound. His artistic expression often focuses on a retrospective a sensation an emotion. The other side of this creative multidisciplinary artist, is a totally different one, with his interest in hand crafts, form and function, that led him to study design at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts. School of Design. Where he was educated in Scandinavian Industrial design values and methods. He became interested in products, materials, crafts, technology, humans centered design, urban design, experience design as well as interaction design. While in Iceland he ran his own design company Fonso Design, where he designed, produced, marketed and sold his own product. Later on he started to teach industrial design and now has well over a decade of experience in lecturing, workshops and instructing in higher design education in subject of Design, Creativity, Innovation, Experience design, Design research, Model making and gives Product design studio lessons from beginners to graduation design students. He holds a certification in Strategic Life Coaching that has been helpful on many occasions to his students in his higher educational carrier as well as others needing such guidance. Ingi is also an avid native Icelandic speaker and enjoys expanding the knowledge of his Icelandic culture to others interested in learning to speak Icelandic. The ancient language of Vikings, Sagas, Björk and our modern Icelandic culture.

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