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Urban drinking fountain

The urban drinking fountain is a public water servant to the inhabitants of the city of Copenhagen.  The drinking fountain is designed around the visual experience of water and its interaction.

A design with focus on enriching urban experiences, sustainability, innovation, functionality, hygiene and aesthetics. 

The fountain is operated via sensors that give circulation to the drinking water. The drinking fountain is designed to be self cleaning with its open bowl design. 

The design is centred around bringing a playful interactive experience to the ritual of drinking water in the city space.

Materials:  Polished Stainless steel, pipes, sensors, drainage.

Dimensions:  2910 mm x 1400 mm

Designer: Ingi Fernandez

The fountain serves as a meeting point in various plazas in the city to gather around fresh drinking water.

The fountain is seen as a place for gathering a landmark in the city.  A Playful interaction with the fountain.

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